Do you need a boiler repair in Manchester? Has your boiler stopped working? Or do you think it’s about to? Manchester Heating and Boilers can help! Diagnosing boiler faults is something our engineers are very experienced in. We offer competitive pricing and with quick response times, we can help to get your hot water and heating back on as soon as possible.

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Why do boilers break?

Boilers can break for a number of reasons. Age can play a large part, moving parts start to wear down and seize up. Pipework can pinhole after so long, seals can disintegrate and start leaking.

A badly maintained central heating system can add to the problems. Due to poor water quality, essential parts inside get blocked and stop working. Also if the burner hasn’t been serviced regularly it can start to burn less efficiently. Residue coats the inside of the burner and blocks up the injectors.

How long will it take to repair a boiler?

Sometimes an engineer will be able to get the boiler up and running on the first visit. In some cases, parts may need to be ordered.

If parts have to be ordered it may take a few days for the parts to come, depending on their availability.

Once one of our engineers have diagnosed the problem they will inform you on the best way forward; how long the parts will take to arrive and how much the parts will cost. If the boiler is very old, parts may have been discontinued. In these cases, a new boiler, in general, is the only way forward.

How much does a boiler repair in Manchester cost?

A local boiler repair can vary in cost. We charge £50 to come out and diagnose the fault on your boiler, which also covers the first hour. The cost of any replacement parts needed will be added on.

Common boiler faults and how to repair them at home

Sometimes when a boiler fails to start it can be due to low water pressure. By inspecting the pressure gauge on the front or underneath the boiler you will be able to see how much pressure there is.

Your water pressure should be at 1 bar when it’s cold but when your central heating is on the water heats up and expands. So your pressure gauge will end up around 1.5 bar.

If your pressure is below one bar it will need refilling. Most boilers have external filling loops on the pipework below.

This video from Glow Worm shows you how to operate a standard external filling loop.

Some boiler makes like Worcester can have internal filling loops fitted onto the boiler. The video below shows you how to operate a Worcester integral filling loop.