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Why does your boiler need servicing?

Boiler servicing in Manchester is an essential aspect when it comes to maintaining and prolonging the life of a boiler.

Over the course of its life, most boilers will run for tens of thousands of hours.

When something is used on a regular basis, the chances of things going wrong increases. Just in the same way you would get a service on a car to make sure it’s running efficiently. You need to do the same with a boiler.

Boilers have to work on demand all day every day providing heating and hot water to their users, even more so in winter.

And with these boilers burning gases it’s inevitable that they can become dirty inside. Seals can disintegrate and moving parts can start to wear down. Burners can get clogged up with residue and start burning less efficiently.

The job of a service is to check all of these things and make sure they are up to scratch. Things that could have turned into expensive repairs can be found and fixed earlier on.

It’s much cheaper to maintain a boiler than just letting it run and seeing how things go.

Repairs on boilers are never cheap. Also without regular servicing manufacturers guarantees and boiler insurance are invalidated.

Nobody is ever happy about having to pay for a repair, or even a new boiler just because they couldn’t be bothered paying to get it serviced and subsequently, their insurance policy has been invalidated.

What does a service involve?

Servicing a boiler can vary depending on the age of the boiler.

With modern boilers servicing is quite different from how it used to be. Manufacturers don’t expect engineers to take the boiler to bits and clean it every time a service is due.

Most of the seals used on boilers can only be used once. Meaning, if a boiler is stripped down to be serviced all the seals have to be replaced. Manufacturers deem this unnecessary and cost-ineffective.Inside greenstar cdi

Instead of a full strip down service, engineers are asked to do check the efficiency of the boiler with a flue gas analyser. The analysers readings tell the gas engineer if the gas is being burnt correctly and if the boiler needs a full strip down service or not. If it doesn’t the engineer will do a visual inspection of the boilers parts and if they’re all ok, it’s job done.

If the readings are out, the boiler will need to be taken apart and the heat exchanger will be cleaned thoroughly. With all the relevant seals changed afterwards.

Things aren’t as quick with older boilers which require stripping down and cleaning every service. Fortunately, the seals don’t need to be replaced every time with older boilers. Unless they’re showing signs of wear and tear.

What does the boiler servicing in Manchester cost?

A Manchester boiler service generally costs around £50-£60 depending on the area a full strip down service can cost up to £120 with the extra work and replacement seals.

How often do I need to get my boiler serviced?

All manufacturers and insurance policies state that boilers are serviced every year. It’s important to keep up to date with annual services, otherwise, manufacturers or insurers will charge a fee for call outs.

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